Kids Ministry

Kids Ministry

The Ruach West Kids is the children’s ministry that is part of the Ruach West Church. We believe firmly that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. We aim to train up the children to be grounded to this truth and to build their values and principles based on the word of God. Our desire is that the children discover their identity in Christ and grow to be confident, powerful disciples of Jesus Christ and to live out their purpose here on Earth.

Mission: Teaching the word of God, instilling obedience and good morals in the lives of our children so that they can be the light in the world.

Vision: Raising the next generation of Kingdom champions, to grow and develop to their maximum potential, teaching them who they are in Christ

GUIDING SCRIPTURE: Proverbs 22:6 (Amp)

“Train up a child in the way he should go [and in keeping with his individual gift or bent], and when he is old he will not depart from it”

Classes and Curriculum

Little Angels Ages 3-4years: We have designed the curriculum to equip your child with foundational knowledge of basic bible stories as well as know how to pray, obey and demonstrate basic etiquette.

Saints A Ages 5-6 The curriculum is structured to build a deeper knowledge of Bible stories and your child should grow in their prayer life, memory verses and what it is to be a Christian.

Saints B 7-8 years: These two years are the beginning of an exciting journey for your child in the study of the Bible. They will begin to know about each book and author and will establish a growing personal relationship with God.

Disciples Ages 9-12years: The final leg in the children’s ministry we continue with Bible study but with greater emphasis on character development. At the end of the four years your child will know and have the right characteristic of a good leader.

Program and Activities

Celebrating Birthdays and movie Sunday: This event is celebrated with cake and a movie every 3 months and it is for all the children born in that quarter.

Vacation Bible Study– April and August school holidays; Children aged 4 -12 years.

3-4 day themed event which includes Bible study, dance, drama, art and craft and games.

Bible Camp- August holidays; One week away camp for children aged 9 to 12years old.

Activities include as team building, life skills and bible study.

Children Fun Day– August Holidays; One day event for children 3 years and above;

Children’s Conference– November. Children aged 4 and above from various schools and churches will congregate for one week learning and hearing the Word of God, taking part in talent workshops, teambuilding activities and life skills.

Art, Sports and Media club– 2-3 times a year the children take part in the Saturday morning radio show on Truth Fm and this is along the plans for the ministry to venture into talent clubs that will focus on nurturing creative talent in children and will also be another way to reach out to children in our community through activities and events.

Sunday School Lesson 22 March 2020