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At The Ruach West Assembly, we deeply appreciate the impact of visual media in nurturing the growth and vibrancy of our faith community. Photos, videos, and other media are invaluable tools that allow us to share our story, provide information to visitors, offer a glimpse of our services and events, highlight the impactful work of our dedicated members, and communicate our church’s mission to both attendees and those who are yet to join us.

Accordingly, photography, videography, live streaming and other recording may be in progress during our church services, ministry activities, classes, programs and other church events. The Ruach West Assembly may use the media recorded at these events in materials produced by or for the church, including but limited to our bulletins, posters, brochures, newsletters and other printed and electronic materials, digital media (e.g., The Ruach West’s website, Facebook and other social media platforms. By participating in our church services, ministry activities, classes, programs and other events:

  • You consent to be photographed, videotaped or otherwise recorded;
  • You grant your permission for The Ruach West Assembly to use recordings containing your image, likeness, voice or statements, without compensation, credit or other consideration to you, for The Ruach West’s promotional, publicity and other purposes, throughout the world and in Perpetuity;
  • You agree to release, hold harmless and indemnify The Ruach West Assembly from any and all liabilities and claims involving the use of your image, likeness, voice or statements.

While we reserve the right to photograph and record church events, we strive to ensure that photography and videography are used in safe and positive ways. We will not knowingly and intentionally post any photo, video or other recording that would be embarrassing, objectionable
or hurtful to any clearly, personally identifiable individual in the recording.

Additionally, if you see a photo on our website or social media page that includes you or your child and would prefer it be removed, please contact us at +2540110007736 or email us at

Please note that we cannot remove your image from video or live stream messages. Please understand that the Ruach West Assembly has no control over the recording, use, and posting of images or other media by non-church staff (e.g., by community members, and news outlets) and no ability to remove such media from publications, including the Internet or social media sites, that are not run by The Ruach West Assembly.