When God’s Response is Wait

When God’s Response is Wait

I love driving. I love driving fast. That moment you get behind the wheel of a stable, powerful and beautiful sports car. The centre of gravity is lowered to enable it to go through corners fast. The tyres are wider the seats are bucket seats to hold the driver in place so as to push the car to its limit. I can show a person what his car’s full potential is, whether it is off-road or on a quarter mile.

There’s something about getting beyond 160km/h and further up to 200 and beyond, that blocks out every thought in your mind and makes you have pinpoint focus on the road. To a point where the broken white or yellow lines seem to be one continuous line. For that brief moment at that speed, where your mind has silenced every other thought and the silence in the mind then gives you peace to hear the Spirit of God. Peace to focus on the road for any wrong move will be fatal. I don’t know about other speed heads out there but for me this makes me a control freak. I can only trust myself to drive at such speeds but no one else.

I hear people joking and saying Jesus take the wheel and I wonder; “Do they really know what they are asking?” Sitting on the passenger seat when another fast driver is driving is the most unsettling thing ever. You hold on to dear life because trust is hard to give to another. How much more an unseen God? Allowing God to sit on the driver seat and take the wheel? The answers Yes and No are pretty defining answers that set you free either to hope or to change your request, but wait is another whole ball game. Does Wait mean, wait I will grant your request or wait I am thinking about it…? I do not know what you mean God.

The answer “wait” is a test of trust. Imagine your life is like a car in the safari rally. The corners are coming up fast. The potholes are numerous and worse still you do not know the road nor the destination. And the car you are driving is new, this is to point out the fact that you’re not familiar with the car’s capability. How it brakes, how it handles the corners not forgetting the potholes. Then now imagine that you are not driving. The driver has a heavy foot and is not talking to you or taking your advice on when to slow down or when to turn the wheel. The year 2020 seemed; like we were driving in a safari rally on a road full of unpredictable wildlife that could cross the road at any time, plus there was a wildfire on the side of the road. The elements are all against you and you are not the one driving.

With any car I drive I usually push it to the maximum while driving from Mombasa to Nairobi. Why from Mombasa to Nairobi you ask? Because the distance is enough to familiarize myself with the car and I already know the road. Theoretical knowledge plus practical knowledge of the car and terrain you are on, are enough for you to give a comprehensive review of the vehicle. This is when you will put to test what the manufacturer had said about the car. For example, Joe Achilles just tested the new Audi S8 and the manufacturer had reported that the car could do 0-100km/h in 3.9 sec but when Joe tested it, he hit 0-100km/h in 3.4 sec. This essentially means the car over performed.

Unlike car manufacturers God’s numbers on you are spot on. The manufactures manual on the product (you) is the Bible and the leading of the Holy Spirit to us. What God said about your life is spot on. If God says wait, before you punch the accelerator and move understand that He knows how he created you. For a car to match not only on paper but in practical, what it was reported to do, is a perfect score for any car reviewer.

Don’t you want to get a perfect score on your review? Go ahead let God behind the wheel of your life and let Him show you what you can do either on a quarter mile or off road. Even when the designated driver (the Holy Spirit) says wait trust in His ability to drive and watch yourself win this race.

God bless you.

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