The Invisible

The Invisible

I don’t think in Africa we ever had a problem of believing in the invisible. We were naturally predisposed to believing in the unseen. But as different cultures start to influence what we believe we find that our beliefs start to become eroded. The world is becoming one big global village and there are positives and negatives to this. However, when adopting new cultures, we should not completely discard what our original culture taught us.

Science teaches us to believe in data proven facts, but we as Africans have seen things that science cannot provide data to back up. The other day, on the news I saw a suspected thief who stole a bag from a traveller. Little did he know that the man from whom he had stolen had taken to dark powers. The man was accosted by a snake as it wrapped itself on his neck and led him to the nearest police station. For the man, who appeared to be in a trance of sorts, to be released, it took the intervention of the witch who had cast the spell to come and release him. There are many examples of how real the spirit world is in Africa as I am sure it is in many other nations. Ignorance does not cancel out effect.

The word says in Hebrews 11; Now faith is the confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for. By faith we understand that the world was at God’s command so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible. Just as in the examples above, this is an example that the unseen world is very much real. Many creations were made out of the imagination of creative men or rather visions given to man by God. There are things we see that did not exist a few years back. If my grandmother, God rest her soul, came back to life and saw that you can have video calls with another person let alone multiple people in different locations she would yell out what manner of sorcery is this?!

My prayer, like Elisha, would be that God opens your eyes to see that He is for you. I heard in a song somewhere that God hears that whisper SOS from your lips, and He will send out an army just to find you in the middle of your darkest hour. I wish all of you knew that you are sons of God. You do not need any other man’s grace to talk to your Father. In this kingdom sons can speak freely to their Father. Those that are for you are greater than those that are against you.

Now that we are surrounded by such great a cloud of witnesses…. We are surrounded by those that have gone before us and those to come. Receive strength to break those chains off of you for the sake of the generations to come. You have been given more power than you know. See the battle you’re in right now is more spiritual than it is physical. Believe in the unseen, it shall come to pass. Elijah said it shall rain. He sent his servant to check and seven times he came back with a negative report. But in him he saw an abundance of rain. Every time he received the bad news from the messenger he had sent, he put his head in between his knees, which I believe was to shut out the negative voice. When finally he got a seemingly insignificant report, that there was a cloud the size of a man’s hand, he told the king to prepare for there was going to be an abundance of rain.

For all of you who see rain, don’t give up. Put your head in between your knees and shut out any negative voice.

Only believe.

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