My Healer

My Healer

You hold my every moment. You calm my raging seas. You walk with me through fire and heal all my disease. I trust in You. I believe you are my healer. I believe You are all I need. Jehovah Rapha. The lyrics of this song needs to be played over and over in our minds during this season. A dark season indeed where all our faith is being tested. Disease seems to be spreading and killing people at an alarming rate. I don’t know if you are like me but I have an overthinking mind, which apparently, is not uncommon. Billy Graham said that we live in the age of anxiety. I wonder why that is. Is it because we also live in the era of information? I know information can be power but could it be the wrong kind of power. Anxiety is the natural result when our hopes are centered on anything short of God and His will for us. When our hopes are centered on information that we get from media, news and the all-knowing “they”.

During this season when the Covid pandemic reached Kenya, I was scared. I remember every morning I had to do the test, where you hold your breath for 10 seconds and if you cough when you release you may have early stages of the virus. Checking my temp almost every hour on the hour. If I even coughed by mistake, oh no, I know I would be worried the rest of the day. Checking my wife and kids every night to see if they are ok. On the positive side, my prayer life went up a notch or two. ok maybe 10. Then my children got a flu. Wow. I live in an apartment and when my children had gone to play outside and they coughed all the other children stopped playing outside because they thought my kids had the virus. A state of fear in all our minds.

Yesterday we as a country recorded 58 recovered patients. Won’t He do it. God is able to heal and deliver. One of my Facebook friends got the virus and used to send updates online. She was discharged about a week ago because He is Jehova Rapha. But where we need most healing is in our minds. That anxiety will not steal our peace and give us stress related diseases.

I heard a country song that said it is the simple things in life like the kids at home and a loving wife that you miss the most when you lose control. Everything you love starts to disappear, the devil takes your hand and says have another…. or do it again. This is for those who have battled or are still battling an addiction. The ones where the religious folk look down on you as a heathen. You have tried all you can do but it seems you keep falling back in. But who is God? The song is about a recovering alcoholic who had lost almost everything but his life. Hearing the lives of people who have lost everything because of an addiction be it alcohol or lust, the end results are the same. But God.

You see this battle is first won in the mind. A confession that Christ is Lord over your life and leading you out of the bondage of sin. This leading that is healing to your soul and body. When you call upon the name of God because you cannot do this by yourself, He is Mighty to save. Mighty to heal and Victory is assured.

He holds my every moment. And when the devil tries to tell me that I am the same addict and my mind is a storm You calm my raging seas. When I get tested and tried by temptation You walk with me through fire and heal all my disease. I trust in You God to make me into the Son of God You saw when You created me. No longer a victim of the devil on my shoulder. I know He is a healer for he has healed me of so many sins. My soul was a raging sea, then You reached out to me. Pulled me up from the waves, safe from the storm. Your love changes everything. Your grace covers all I have done. I am standing all because of the love of Christ. A love that calls me just as I am. A healing only He can provide. His mercy has washed away all the lies of who I was. I am free from the guilt and shame, with all of the chains undone. Receive healing from my Lord Jesus Christ and be healed.

God Bless.

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