Making a Difference: God’s Rescue Plan

Making a Difference: God’s Rescue Plan

For Christians, it is important to understand who you are and what God made you to be. But do you know your purpose on earth? Do you know your value and how God uses you to make a difference and change other people’s lives?

Like salt, your presence or absence is noticeable. Thus everyone born again has God’s flavour meant to season the earth, but you need to comprehend and find a way to make a difference. 

Among the characteristics of salt that every Christian should reflect on is its worth. Roman soldiers were paid through salt, emphasising its importance as a wage. Just like the Romans who fought for and defended their nation, God blesses a country by placing the righteous in it. 

Salt is also medicinal, highlighting that the church is the cure for the ailing world. As a preservative, the church preserves and protects the earth from corruption, decay and ungodliness. However, when contaminated by impurities or over-exposed to heat and air, salt loses taste. The worth and value of salt are thus tested by relationships. Just like you don’t need much salt to cause a difference, you have to use your unique flavour to add value to your marriage, family, work and other aspects. 

One way to do this is by fulfilling the Great Commission which is to share the gospel with others and make disciples. You are also called to love and serve others, to show them the love of Christ and be salt in the world. You have been uniquely gifted by God with talents and abilities to use for His glory, and finding and using those gifts is a way to fulfil your purpose.

It is important to remember that your value comes from being a child of God, and not from your accomplishments or status. You are valuable simply because God loves you. Knowing this can give you the confidence to live out your purpose and make a difference.

God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things, and you can be one of those people. As you seek to live out your purpose and be salt in the world, remember that you are not alone. God is with you, guiding and strengthening you every step of the way.

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