Good Morning Midnight!

Good Morning Midnight!

I was watching the American presidential debate and much as it was silly and funny it was also scary. The situation in America and Kenya is almost similar. A general feeling of a government that is meant to protect its citizens now only seems to serve a few and the people are getting tired. When people get tired and do not want to result into violence they turn to God. And God listens to their cries. I was reading Amos 5 and God was telling the remnants to seek his face that they may be spared in the judgement that was to be in the city.

Later listening to this sermon by Pastor Zino where the main scripture is Jeremiah 33 where God is giving the prophet the very same message, I believe God is trying to say something about the season we are in. We fear how the Kenyan presidential elections will be in 2022 based on the political heat that has been witnessed in our beloved country. While oppression and injustice must be dealt with, we fear for the innocent lives that may be lost in the event.

In the scripture Jeremiah is told by God while there will be doom and Judgement go out and buy land for I, the Lord will restore the land and its people. A message of hope in the middle of adversity. While there is a terrible disease killing people, riots and political unrest in the world threatening our lives. Double trouble and God sends a message of hope and restoration during this time.

In Isaiah 43: 18-19 God says, “Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past.” Let me stop there and ask, could God be saying forget how things used to work before corona virus came? Forget how you used to do things before and get ready for a new normal. Because the old normal was dysfunctional and you were so used to oppression and injustice that freedom seems foreign. And just like when you receive an organ transplant your body can sometimes fight the new organ because it is foreign, do not fight this new things God is doing. The verse continues to say, “See I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. “Why would God ask ‘do you not perceive it?’ if it was easily seen.

I heard another sermon that a brother in Christ said good morning midnight and it reminded me of a night when I was restless and woke up like at 3am and stayed up till daybreak. Just like when the clock turned from 11:59pm to midnight it was still dark, but the day had turned. Is the same way the times and seasons have shifted on our lives. It was still dark at 3am when I was awake and that symbolised that even when God has turned situations and seasons on our lives you may not be able to perceive it. In the visible eye I could not tell that day was coming and soon light would begin to pierce the dark skies. I sat out at the balcony and watched, and at 4 something birds started to sing. I was perplexed, how do they know that it is morning?

Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning, let me just point out at one minute after midnight it is morning. I interpreted this as the birds singing praises to God for what they could not see with their eyes but knew in their hearts. Prayer and praise are keys for activating and changing your season. I looked up to the sky and stripes of red rays, which to me symbolised the blood of Jesus Christ started cutting through the darkness and light came forth. Just like the birds, may our hearts be tuned to the frequency of hearing what the Holy Spirit is saying to us and start to activate the change of the season by praising the Living God. That we may witness on earth what already is in heaven. Pray and praise for the times may look dark and hopeless but restoration is the portion of the sons of God.

God bless you

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