God Still Speaks

God Still Speaks

There is this challenge going around about He’s got the whole world in is hands started by Tyler Perry. Someone got upset by some of the guys who actually did the challenge because they looked like sinners. Asking how dare you sing that and yet you have not paid tithe. Some people think that they are the only ones who have a direct line to God. This kind of thinking is a misrepresentation of our Father. A belief that it is by what you do that gets you an audience with the Father is completely misplaced. This causes most new believers to think that they will never be perfect enough for God to speak to them let alone use them.

My son likes to sing the song by Tasha Cobbs “By your Spirit God”. The song says it’s not by might, not by power but by Your Spirit. Salvation came to us not because of anything we did but by who we are to the Father. I love my sons not because of anything they do but because of who they are to me. Sing oh children of God the Father, open your mouths and praise God for yes you have all the right to come boldly at his throne because it is not by what you have done it is who you are.

Salvation is accepting Jesus in your heart and by that you have been adopted to be His son and therefore can call God our Father. The reason I started here is to make the point that God speaks to anyone and anything He pleases to. Some even before they get born again, hear the audible voice of God. The above misrepresentation has caused many prophecies and Rhema word of God to be muzzled by muting the messenger. Discrediting the messenger enough, that he/she wonders, did I really hear from God?

Take the case of Balaam and the donkey in Numbers 22. Balaam was a soothsayer, not a born-again believer. And yet God spoke to Him. The message mostly benefits the one it was sent to more than it does the messenger. But what happens when the messenger does not meet our criteria of a person worthy of our audience. We disregard the message on account of the messenger. God is not in a building, He is in the hearts of men and is omnipresent. He can use anyone or anything to speak his word. Yes, even a donkey!

Our Father speaks to all of us. Listen to that still voice in you, forget what the world will tell you. Have you ever been in town walking and in your pocket you have some cash in notes and 30bob in coin form. Then this street child comes your way and askes you for exactly 30bob. I mean what are the odds he knew the exact amount you have in coins. At that moment you hear a voice in you saying just give him. Another loud voice says he is going to use it to buy drugs buy him bread instead. But you choose to listen to the other voice and you reach into your pocket and give. Only for you to follow him a few meters away and witness him giving the money to a young lady holding a baby.

You see God spoke to you to give and not care that the street boy had glue in his mouth and assume that he will only use it to buy more of the glue to sniff. Listen to the voice inside of you. God does speak to us in every situation we face, that still voice is still speaking in us.

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