God can use anyone? Terms and Conditions apply.

The world has recently lost a superhero. Yes, a real life superhero who also happened to be an actor. The death of Chadwick Boseman compounded an already complicated year. It’s like we said a collective “It can’t possibly get worse”, then 2020 took the challenge and said “hold my drink”. So here we are reeling from the shock of how this man did his best work of impacting not just a culture but a generation, all the while battling cancer. If I’m feeling low or just under the weather, I don’t even want to respond to texts, I don’t want to get out of bed, I want to sit there and just feel sad. This man went and did life changing work between surgeries and chemo. Fam, what’s your excuse sha?

So, a few weeks ago, Pastors Don and Nancy preached a tag-team sermon (I enjoyed those by the way) and talked about how God can use anyone. They talked about different characters of the bible and if you followed the different storylines (if you didn’t, just pause here and go listen on YouTube then come back) you discover the MO was totally different for each bible character. The beauty in that is that God is never out of ideas on how to use you. So what terms and conditions are these I mentioned in the title.

Well, I don’t have the full list obviously but let me talk about a few things I have experienced so far. See I am a control freak. Yes, I love being in the know, being in control, understanding everything, start to finish. What is blind trust? Please go sit over there I don’t know what that is. So my conversations with God are usually very animated and colorful. I want to know which train this is He’s asking me to get on, where is it going? How long is the trip? Are we stopping to sightsee? What snacks did He pack? And that’s before I even board. And if you know anything about God, He’s the God of “Leave your hometown and go to a place I will show you” Say what now?

Lesson 1: You will never fully understand the mission. If you did, He ceases to be God and you become peers. In fact, most of the time, what you think is the mission is actually a pitstop. What you think is the thing, is not the thing. Be fluid enough to allow God to write your story. Put down the pen, he’s the writer. Put down the eraser, He knows how to turn those mistakes into an amazing plot twist. You don’t need to get it, you only need to trust Him.

Another thing, long uncomfortable silence is not my cup of tea. I find myself trying to explain the silence. Is that a No? Yes? Perhaps? Later? Maybe? What does silence mean? Am I off-course? Did I move too soon? What is this?? Have you ever felt the uncertainty that comes when God is silent? Like should I marry the dude or no? Take the job or no? Close the business or stick it out? Can you relate? And I find that most of the time we’re well-meaning when we ask these questions. It’s because we want to do the right thing. We don’t want to make the wrong decision that sets as back a couple of years or something.

Lesson 2: Sometimes silence is just that, silence. Maybe because we’re asking the wrong questions. God doesn’t work with ultimatums, I used to hear people give testimonies of how they gave God ultimatums, “God you must bless me this year or else..” What are you saying my friend? Is he your peer? Fam, our loving Father is also Sovereign God of the universe. Let us not forget it. When He’s not answering your question, it doesn’t mean He hasn’t heard and He doesn’t know where you’re at. I usually start by removing the multiple choices I had attached to the question and allow it to be open ended. As you’re getting lost in the details, He sees the full picture, you’re concerned that this part doesn’t look right but when you zoom out, you will see the magnificent painting that is your life. Trust the painter, He’s been at this since before the foundations of the world.

And finally, God can use anything to get you to where you need to be. He will use heartbreak, He will use your summer season, He will use your worst mistakes, He will use everything and anything if you allow him. Before you entered this realm, you existed in eternity with God, He spoke mysteries to you before He put you in your mama’s womb. Your spirit knows this, the rest of you spends the rest of this earthly life trying to remember and catch up to that mystery. That’s why babies are fearless beings, they haven’t been taught fear, they haven’t been conditioned by disappointments and life experiences. Jesus said unless we become like children, we will not enter the Kingdom of heaven. Ask God to reset you to become who He called you. Answer to the name He gave you, not what people have called you.

Trust, surrender and a willingness to abandon the known for the unknown. Relinquish control, lay down the crowns and fears and let God lead the way. Not your experience, not your background, not your skill, but let God lead you. And you will see how well He can weave your story. God will use you, if you let Him.


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