Focus on Prayer

Focus on Prayer

How do you feel or react when ignored at a time of need? Many times we find ourselves in distress and at the mercy of others. However, they keep disappointing and frustrating our efforts to contact them.

As a Christian, you should not give up but continue seeking redress relentlessly. Jesus used the Parable of the Unjust Judge to teach us to focus on prayer and not give up. A widow repeatedly goes to an unjust judge seeking justice against her adversary.

Despite the widow’s persistent pleas, the judge, who does not fear God or respect people, initially ignores her and refuses to grant her justice.

However, he finally decides to grant her justice. Jesus explains contrasts the unjust judge with God, who is just and caring. He emphasizes that if an unjust judge, who does not fear God or care about people, eventually grants justice because of a persistent widow, how much more will God, who is righteous and loving, respond to our cries.

Jesus encourages us to approach God with unwavering faith and to continue to pray, trusting that God will hear our pleas and bring about justice in due time. However, it’s better to always go back to God for another instruction after He answers our prayers.

Elijah, in 2 Kings 4, ordered a widow to collect as many jars as she could and pour the little oil she had. After that, she went back to Elijah and was ordered to sell the product and also feed her family, facing starvation. The prophet asked her to collect as many jars as she could. If she knew what would have happened, she would have collected many jars.

God always blesses us beyond abundance, but we lack steadfastness in our prayers. We fail to follow all instructions or forget His faithfulness as we break our relationship with him after He blesses us.

You ought to pray without ceasing. There is power in focusing on our prayers when talking to God. Remain humble, as prayer also requires humility. Prayer is a discipline that we must cultivate

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