Finishing Strong

Finishing Strong

I could think of many reasons why it is hard to write this blog especially during a pandemic. Maybe I am being paranoid but then again mental issues have been on the rise because of what this pandemic is doing to people minds. Spreading fear all over the globe and causing people to lose their minds. I will tell you one thing though, it has made me rethink my priorities.

You see even before the pandemic hit our country we were already on a downward trajectory in terms of our economy. Our government has taken too many loans and as a result, heavy taxation on citizens and businesses. This has led to the closure of many businesses leading to another problem of unemployment.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were able to provide the very basic needs to our families, that is healthy diet, decent clothing, a roof over our heads, good medical care and good education. In an ideal world this basic need should be met for all families out there.

I thought about all the people in the bible who finished strong and others who to me did not. Wise people learn not only from their mistakes but the mistakes of others as well. In the end, on our dying bed, the desire is to be surrounded by our loved ones as we go to meet our Father in heaven. Unfortunately, at the end, is when most people realize that it is our loved ones who should have taken first priority in our lives. The day I realized that I wanted my friend to be more than that, that i wanted her to be my wife, I was listening to a song called Lead me by Sanctus real. Which I will quote at the end of this blog.

When Jesus called us to the great commission, He did not say build big buildings that you esteem higher the people who come into them. Jesus did not tell you to neglect your wife and children to serve a church that is His bride and not your own. The great commission is to love people especially those who are called by your name. The Word says you cannot say you love God and yet you despise your own brother. You cannot say you Love God, yet you treat your spouse badly and your own children hardly see you. I do not want to be a hero to the world but a bad husband and father.

Moses was called to a great commission by God, and he felt he was ill equipped, but God asked him,” what is that in your hands?” For a man who is the priest of his home. His first ministry is his home. Your home is the staff in your hand. Your home should testify that truly, you are a son of God. Jesus said, “And you shall know them by their fruits”. No one knows more about anyone’s fruits than the people who live with them. It all starts at home.

Moses learnt this the hard way. A few moments after he had been sent to set the Israelites free from the bondage of Egypt, the bible says that Moses got sick to the point of death and God sought to kill him because he hadn’t circumcised his sons. His wife moved swiftly to obey the command and that’s when the sickness left him. I, like most people, want to be great. To do big things and leave a mark, a legacy in this world. But most of all If I could get myself, my wife and children to heaven then I think I have fulfilled the great commission. What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul? What does it profit me to gain the accolades of man and lose my family?

The song I mentioned has almost been my silent prayer and this is what is says. Father give me strength to be everything I am called to be. Show me the way to lead them with strong hands. To stand up when they cannot. Do not want to leave them hungry for love chasing things that I could give up. I will show them that I am willing to fight and give them the best of my life. So, we can call this a home. So, lead me because I cannot do this alone.

God bless you.

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