Breaking Boundaries II

Breaking Boundaries II

In our journey toward fulfilling our destiny, it’s crucial to be mindful of those who may hinder our progress. These are the “destiny killers” who discourage us and prevent us from reaching our full potential. They may pretend to know us, but their words can be damaging. We see this in David’s encounter with his elder brother Eliab, who criticized David for joining the battle against the Philistines. Eliab opposed David for joining the battle against the Philistines and accused him of pride and deceit. On the contrary, David had brought provisions and food to the army.

David wondered whether there wasn’t a cause for fighting the Philistines. He inquired about the rewards for fighting Goliath and fronted himself to defend Israel. Destiny killers judge us based on our present circumstances, believing they know our beginning and end, but we must not let their words hold us back.

Pursuing our cause, despite opposition, can bring great rewards, as we see with Abraham, who fought to save Lot. Armed with 318 armed men, he chased after Kings who had captured his nephew Lot, recovered all the goods, and brought them back.

Our determination to fulfill our destiny will be tested, and it’s crucial to be cautious about who we confide in. Joseph’s father criticized him for dreaming that his family would bow down to him in Genesis 37:9. David also spoke of a companion who betrayed him in Psalms 55:20. Don’t wait to be endorsed by men when you have a dream. Only God will endorse you. No one had seen any good in David until Samuel anointed him as King.

Nonetheless, it’s important to consider the motives behind our pursuit of a cause, as 1 Corinthians 4:5 reminds us that God will judge us and reveal our motives. If our motives are impure, we may not receive what we ask for. We must examine the state of our hearts.

Finally, as we pursue our destiny, we must anticipate the reward of our efforts. Abraham was shown the stars, symbolizing countless descendants, and it was counted as righteousness. We should ask ourselves if the reward outweighs the challenges and be mindful that we reap what we sow. God is our ultimate reward and source of support, and we must keep our focus on Him as we navigate our journey.

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