Better is coming

Better is coming

Hope. When you go through seasons that aim to kill your faith and destroy every hope for a brighter future, it is hard to hope. When you hear a Pastor get up and encourage people that God will come through for them, we think that he or she is already delivered, or God has come through for them but sometimes that is not the case. When God asks you to encourage when you are discouraged. When God asks you to speak about victory against an addiction while you’re six feet under and upside down in that addiction. What madness is that? To speak hope when darkness is all around. Duty comes before feelings.

She loved her husband. Her husband was a prophet and the father of her boys. But he passed on, leaving her with debt and no way to make a living. It was a dark season for her and her children. She may even have been angry at God. She met a colleague of her husband and she spoke out and explained what she was going through. God instructed the colleague to ask the widow what she had in her house. The widow replied, “I have only a jar of olive oil.” The prophet then told her to go and borrow jars, as many as she can get. She was then instructed to pour the oil into the jars and as she did so. The oil continued to multiply and fill the other jars. This continued until there was no more jars to fill and then the oil stopped flowing. She was then instructed to go and pay off all her debts and live off the rest. The oil settled her for life. She woke up that day broke and in debt with the threat of her sons being taken as slaves to pay off her debts and by the time she was going to sleep she was debt free and settled for the rest of her life. This is our God. He is able to turn around situations in a heartbeat.

I first heard the words,” the audacity of hope.” From retired president Barack Obama. In a world where giving up hope is easier than to hold on to it, the president spoke of a willingness to take a bold risk and hope. When we quit on hope we become hopeless and eventually bitter. Hurt people hurt people, hopeless and bitter people discourage other people from hoping. When God says something to you it will come to pass no matter how long it takes.

Let us talk about Moses for a while. I am sure as an adult someone from his actual family must have told him of the promises God had given him. But after he killed the Egyptian and was banished from the land, he must have thought that maybe God did not mean that He would use him in a great way. It was more than 20 years later that he had the burning bush experience, and the promises were fulfilled.

Holding on to hope deals with our character to love and encourage people. Being the light in a world full of darkness and lighting other people whose light had gone out or was going out. A man called Mephibosheth was dropped as a child and lost his ability to walk again. He was born into royalty and was living well. But all that changed when David came into power and it was assumed that David would kill him. It was many years later that David remembered the promise he had made Jonathan, father of Mephibosheth, that he called for anyone who was related to Jonathan so that he may fulfill his promise. Mephibosheth was found and he was restored to a life of royalty. If David, a man, could keep his promise to Jonathan, how much more our Father in heaven?

I will end this by reiterating what the former president Barack Obama said, have the audacity of hope and keep on holding on to the promises of God.

God bless you.

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