Which Way Lord?

Which Way Lord?

Blind leaders of the blind. They say that you can’t take someone where you have never been before. This saying is often only brought to perspective when one encounters the opposite- a visionary who knows, goes and shows the way.

As Pastor Don shared the Lord’s word, he as usual brought it to life with real life narrations. What a climax when he shared his testimony of how a deal that he had worked on for years came to an abrupt end. How his immediate reaction was to depend on self in an attempt to land on his feet and avoid the immodesty that comes with landing on the floor with a thump, after the rug has been pulled off of one’s feet.

Yet despite this mental commotion, he whispered, “Lord, what am I going to do?” And immediately He responded. God responded when he sought His opinion, and even though His directive at first didn’t make any human sense not to mention that it had a risk factor attached to it, Pastor Don chose to take the step of faith and obey His bidding.

And God did not disappoint. Pastor Don got a bigger and better deal. Not only did he land on his feet, but the Lord added him wings to fly! What he had worked on for years, may have come to an abrupt halt but the Lord multiplied and enlarged his project, exceedingly, abundantly above what he had imagined. One act of obedience; one phone call and some minutes and the Lord had turned his tears to laughter.

“Which way Lord?!” Do you seek His direction in your darkest and even brightest hours? Do you trust Him to protect and provide, even through unexpected channels like the ravens or the poor widow that fed Elijah? Do you trust that the Lord has a purpose and assignment, a vision that comes with provision, if you will only trust Him?

If yes, then be of good cheer, for He has already overcome for you. Align with His will and begin to seek His perspective and directive. Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. The earth awaits your manifestation oh son of God. Rise up!

Forever Love in Christ,

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