The Grace Narrator

During this season of Passover and the coincidence of the plague that is affecting the whole world. Discerning the times is very vital especially to those that are called by the Spirit. This is when your Identity in Christ will be tested. Knowing that we are saved by Grace through Faith.

These times makes one wonder if you have done just enough for God to spare your life. Looking at past mistakes and knowing that nothing can save you but God. Thinking maybe my sins will be called upon and I will surely perish. But where can we go even in our fallen state if not to a Father who loves us regardless. Will it save us from this storm?

I was listening to a message by Steve Furtick and he mentioned about which narrator will you believe. We will go through the story of Abraham keeping in mind that he is known as the father of Faith and also without Faith it is impossible to please God. Please remember that we are SAVED by GRACE through FAITH.

Salvation restored a relationship between a Father and his sons. Now that I am a father, I may have a faint idea of what it is to love your son. For God so loved the world that He gave his ONLY SON to die on the cross. I, myself, being in full mental capacity, give my son? No way! Everyone would just have had to die. But GOD, OUR FATHER….. what do you think you can give Him to deserve this kind of love? I better let this go because it is messing me up. Take a deep breath Richard……. I digress. Now that this season has given us a chance to be called sons of God we can come up to the throne of GRACE with boldness and ask our FATHER anything.

GRACE- Unmerited favor, power to do an act supernaturally. The ability God puts within man to perform a duty. We don’t deserve it but He gives us. So back to Abraham, see he was not perfect. Twice he gave out his wife because he was afraid for his life. But God preserved him in spite of that. He had faults and funny enough his story is narrated twice in the bible. In Genesis and in Romans. The narrator in Genesis shows us the faults of Abraham but in Romans there is no mentions of his shortcomings. Not to say that the narrator denies that the man Abraham did not have faults but they did not factor enough to the calling he had in his life.

The biggest hindrance for us to do or become what God has called us to be is the narrator of our story in our minds. Gideon’s narrator was one that looked down upon himself. But there is the grace narrator. One who not only does not take into account your shortcoming but also empowers you with the ability to overcome and defeat all that has been set before you.

Be blessed. SHALOM.