The Audible Voice of God

The Audible Voice of God

Never have we lived in such overwhelmingly loud times like we do today. We are bombarded by noise disguised as news on all fronts. Sadly this noise has become part of our thought process, we sometimes call it white noise. When you switch on the tv and leave it on as you go about your work. Not understanding that we’re inadvertently responding to what we’re hearing even if the mind is not paying attention.

What does the voice of God sound like? Is it thundering and commanding or is it a soft gentle whisper? That’s the question most of us asked at one point. The truth is, He is so much bigger than any voice category we put Him in. Yet so personal that He speaks to each of us in the voice we can hear and understand. The onus is on us to listen, He is still speaking even today. But we must cultivate our hearing by spending time with Him. That’s why He says, My sheep know my voice.

A newborn baby will only respond to the voice they were exposed to while in the womb. We train our ears to hear by what we consistently expose ourselves to. Whatever we allow to be our ‘white noise’ is what our spirits will be acclimatized to. And this will become evident by our response during pressure moments. When a baby is crying and will not be calmed down by anyone, you find that they tend to respond to the mother’s voice. So I pose this question, what voice calms your spirit in those moments of turmoil.

During this season of information overload where we can barely hear our own thoughts, when panic and fear is ruling the airwaves and timelines. I dare you to switch it all off. And listen, really listen. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. We hear by the word of God. God is speaking, through His word, through messages of hope, through songs of deliverance, He is speaking. Cultivate your hearing during this time and you will find peace in the midst of turmoil.

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