In the world we live in right now data is big business. The way to improve your business and stay ahead of the competition is through data and its analysis and analytics. I will take you on a short journey on the basics of business intelligence.

A clothing business will use data i.e. fashion magazines and talk shows to gauge what is in fashion and decide which of the new fashion trends to follow for the current season. We can further use that data with the support of actual numbers of sales of different clothing lines to know exactly when to start selling, say, winter wear based on the study of weather and fashion. This is also being used in many other fields like political arena to study the voting trends and so forth. Basically, data and its analysis and analytics are widely used right now in the world.

In short, the ability to gather and analyse data guides the world. Having mentioned this, who saw Corona coming? Who prepared for this? Predicting the future to 100% accuracy is yet to be seen. The world reacts but we have to do more than react. I saw an interview where an African man was saying that African’s depend too much on God and Prayer and not proven scientific methods. The foolishness of prayer and spiritual things that don’t make sense to the carnal mind. This is why He is God and you are not. If you could explain it away in books, He would cease to be God.

I read in a book where a man was fatally injured and his friend thought he would not make. Looking at his friend bleeding the man asked if he was going to make it. His friend trying to give this man false hope said yes you will. The author said there is some strength of the human spirit that the science could not explain and the man lived. Words were able to save human life.

Going back to my point of data, who holds the earth’s data and its original functions? Plants that are able to produce medicine? Food that strengthens the human body? Secrets of healing and wealth hidden in this planet? There is one who holds this data. Data not only for the earth but direction and purpose for your life. In the word He says “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Praise the name of THE LIVING GOD!

What is happening in the world? Why should I be afraid when there is a God that sees the future? Be still and know that He is God. Know His power in quietness and trust. “For You oh God are our only hope, our Saviour in times of trouble. You will not spare an angel to get to us. You will make the sun stop. You will stop the winds for my sake. The heavens declare your Glory. You are God. Maker of heaven and earth. Find rest my soul in Christ alone. The entrance of YOUR WORD brings forth LIGHT… a Light that darkness cannot comprehend. Light of the World, come and Shine oh Lord. Bless the Name of the Living God!”