Living in the Supernatural

Living in the Supernatural

I have always loved superhero movies ever since I was a child. I have enjoyed every Marvel movie that has been released and have followed them religiously. I guess my fascination with them is that something super to the natural has been calling out to me.

When Jesus died and rose from the dead and was about to ascend to heaven, he said, “greater things shall you do”. I know most of the stuff Jesus did. He walked on water, healed the blind, spoke to a storm and commanded it to calm, He raised the dead and so forth. Among these things I know most people want to perform these miracles and what not but not me. I had only one wish I asked for and that is if I could just fly, like Jesus did as He ascended to heaven. I want to fly up in the sky when it’s night to see the stars at a level where beauty cannot be put into words. Well, that’s just me, but I am still waiting for the day that will be so.

it then goes without saying that Superman is one of the superheroes I love to watch. I saw the dilemma he had when he discovered he had powers. I think the first dilemma is how do I wrap my mind around the fact that I can do this thing? Some, like me may need to take a chill pill for like a month just to understand this new reality I now live in. After the mind has been convinced the next step is how will the people closest to me take it? Will they reject me and call me an abomination, or will they accept me and love me with this new identity?

A famous singer once said, “people hate what they can’t understand and fear what they can’t conquer”. What will our government do to you and the so-called superpowers of the world do to you? Be careful what you ask for because from watching these movies, they show you a glimpse of what could happen if the power that is in you begins to manifest. What experiments can be done to your body to determine why you can do what you do. What threat do you pose to any government when they know that should you chose to go rogue, nothing they do, whether by biological weapons or otherwise can be able to stop you.

The hero Superman, albeit fictional, and the rest of the superheroes, manifest their powers physically and they most certainly have weaknesses. But not Jesus. Jesus only had to speak, and His power was evident. With just a touch of His garment a woman who had a cancer of some sort in those days was healed. A crowd He was speaking to started to pick stones to kill him and He pulled an invisible man stunt and passed amid them, how cool is that?

The same Spirit that enabled Jesus to do these things and more now lives in us. Earthen vessel, waiting for the manifestation of the power and truth within us. But like every superhero we have one great enemy. Our kryptonite, I dare say, is our set beliefs and lies that we have lived with all our lives. When superman was trying to learn about his powers and his identity, he had to go speak to his dead father. In this new journey where the Spirit of the living God is now in us, we must tune our ears and develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit. To find out what these new powers we have been called to do. To discover our limits, to use them and how to control them according to the mission set to each one of us.

We may meet obstacles in our lives that may seem difficult even with our newfound powers to conquer. And sometimes when we meet these circumstances it also seems that God / Holy Spirit is silent. We must rely on faith. The faith that was cultivated according to the last communication we had from the Holy Spirit. Listen to that Word repeatedly because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word.

I know some of us are looking for the really elaborate miracles, but some great miracles are done

simply by staying. Staying in faith and just by standing against the lies the devil throws at you. Having done all to stand … stand therefore. You never know that just by standing your ground principalities were destroyed and you have just given you and your family line a paradigm shift. Your descendants will echo your victory for centuries to come. They will say since our mother Shiku or our father Richard we have not dealt with that principality in our family line again.

Being a superhero needs a relationship with our Father, faith even where we cannot see a way out and finally a miracle or let me say divine empowerment to walk on water or discover a new power in you that was hidden.

I know in these times we face great odds, but God has enabled us to beat them all. Stay in relationship and faith and let God be true in your lives and every other tongue a liar.

God bless.

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