For Such A Time as This

A nation freed from slavery and forced to run for their dear lives with women, children and possessions against a seasoned army on chariots. God finally got rid of the Egyptians. Now Israel, tired from this run, faced a new army of the Amalekites, who wanted to steal, kill and destroy them. Let’s flash back before this time.

There was a mother expecting twins. These boys fought each other in the womb. When the mother gave birth the first born was called Esau. The second born was called Jacob (Israel). The mother of the boys together with Jacob plot to deceive her husband and give the firstborn inheritance to Jacob instead of Esau. Their plan works and Esau is so mad he plans to kill his brother. Esau was always skilled in the art of killing. That is what he did best and therefore his brother knew he did not stand a chance with Esau. Jacob ran for his life. In short, the house of Esau was at war with the house of Jacob (Israel). Esau’s grandson was called Amalek the founder of the nation of the Amalekites. Now we see the back story.

A few years later Saul the king of the Israelites was ordered by God through the prophet Samuel to kill all the Amalekites i.e. men, women, children and all living things they owned. King Saul did this but did not fully carry out the command. He spares the King of the Amalekites call Agag and his family. When King Saul was killed in battle a messenger ran to give King David the news. The messenger was an Amalekite.

King Xerxes ruled over 127 provinces stretching from India to Cush. In his third year of reign he threw the party of all parties, three months of party after party. During one of the days, he and his drunk buddies were talking, and he decided to show off his wife. He summoned his wife and she declined. Feeling a little embarrassed he asked his friends what he should do and they demanded that he act swiftly to set an example. So the king banished Queen Vashti and just like that the queen was divorced. Mordecai (an Israelite) decided that his cousin Esther was good enough to be the next queen and so it was. Esther was under instructions by her cousin not to reveal her nationality. Soon after, Mordecai overheard people planning to kill the king and gave his cousin a heads up of the plans to kill her husband and king’s life was saved.

The King later honoured a man called Haman and elevates him higher than any noble man. All the royal officials knelt and paid honour to Haman except Mordecai who refused to and thus Haman started plotting his death. Haman conspires against the nation of Israel and plans to annihilate them by persuading the king to make a decree to kill all the Israelites. Mordecai gets wind of this and quickly tells his cousin to save the nation for she was put there for such a time as this. The Queen asks her people to pray and fast for her as she prepares a way to expose Haman. Entering the kings court without being summoned meant certain death unless the king held out his sceptre. On the third day Esther goes before the king who was pleased to see her and he raised his sceptre. The king offers whatever she desires up to half his kingdom but she doesn’t disclose what is on her mind. Instead she asks for another audience with him, this time a banquet with Haman present. The king obliges her request, that night she asked that they come again the following day for another banquet, to which the king agreed.

Haman threw a party and started bragging of his riches and favour with the king. But he was also bothered by Mordecai and his wife suggested that he executes Mordecai so the whole nation will know not to mess with Haman. Haman made arrangements to hang Mordecai as per the advice he received.

During the second banquet, Esther finally told the truth about Haman and his desire to annihilate her people. Up until this point, no one in the room knew of the queen’s nationality. Haman’s fate was sealed and he was hanged at the very pole he had reserved for Mordecai. Who was Haman? Haman was the son of Hammedatha the Agagite. Agagite was the name of the clan of King Agag who was spared by Saul. King Agag was the king of the Amalekites from the man Amalek grand son of Esau.

God had raised people for such a time as they were required. Jacob’s mission at the time was to preserve his lineage Israel, God’s chosen people. Moses later again was used for his time to not only deliver Israel from slavery but to preserve the nation against all it’s enemies. King Saul was also used to destroy all the Amalekites, he however did not fully destroy the nation. Esther was also used to keep the nation of Israel from being destroyed. The whole point of drawing up this whole story is to show you that God foreknew you. He predestined you before the foundations of the earth were set. God’s purpose is not random. Whatever God said about your life will surely come to pass. Find rest in Him, even when it looks dark God has a plan and is able to save you for His name sake and His purposes must come to pass.


God bless you.