Key verses

Genesis 13, Genesis 14:11-12, Genesis 16, Genesis 26, Isaiah 60, and Psalm 1

Abraham’s life was marked by the blessings God bestowed upon him. One example of this was when Abraham and Lot separated, with Lot choosing a land abundant in greenery, but God blessed Abraham with even more fertile fields in Canaan. Additionally, Abraham showed his devotion to Lot by rescuing him from captivity with the aid of his well-trained men. Despite God’s promise of numerous descendants, Abraham yielded to Sarah’s request and had a child with Hagar, which caused tension between the two women, but the Lord intervened. Furthermore, Isaac was blessed greatly in the land of the Philistines, even though they faced challenges from the local king. Isaac ultimately found a land with water scarcity and overcame it through his determination and named it Rehoboth meaning “open space” as a reminder that God will always provide.

What belongs to you cannot be taken away. Your talents and abilities are gifts from God. Remember that you are not inferior in the eyes of the Lord, as you were specially and uniquely created. The world will eventually recognize your true worth. The value that God placed on your life runs deep, and what can be seen on the surface is not a true representation of who you truly are. Allow yourself to flourish and shine as Isaiah 60 states. There is wealth, depth, and riches within you, so don’t just focus on external appearances, but strive to reach deeper. Like Abraham and Isaac, worship God at every step of the way, and remember that blessings come from obedience. May you be granted the grace for an intimate relationship with God and to make time for the Lord, waking up in the middle of the night to kneel and say “Here I am, Lord.”

Don’t let yourself become so focused on the blessings you receive that you forget the source of those blessings, which is God. The blessings should never be put above the blesser. It’s only arrogance that would cause you to wake up in the morning and not turn to the Lord and say thank you. God will test your relationships with others. It’s important to reflect on whether you’re like Hagar, who becomes so focused on the blessings that she forgets the blesser, or Sarah, who blames others for her circumstances, or like Abraham, who forgets God’s promise and is coerced into actions before blessings are manifested. When blessings become more important than the blesser, it can lead to doom. Your heart should always be inclined to return to God, even when you make mistakes. Be careful not to settle for what seems like a good idea, instead always strive for a Godly idea. Jealousy can grow when a promotion is evident.

In 2023, it may be necessary to part ways with some people. It is important to always be prepared to move on, as those who follow Christ will never walk alone. God is preparing to stand with you and show your enemies that He is with you, as stated in Psalm 1 and Genesis 16:12-13. We are approaching a point where God will reveal Himself to us. The Lord has granted the grace to forgive and the capacity to reconcile. Changes are expected to occur before the end of this month. Remember that God has a specific plan and purpose for each and every one of us.

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