Amazing God

I am a son of God, a husband and a father. During these times, the husband and father role in me has been on overdrive. My thoughts get the better of me and my wife keeps asking me, where are you? Pastor Don was speaking and he said sometimes as a man you may be saying is this it for me. Is this how it ends for us? Well, far be it from your mind, trust in God.

My thoughts were along the lines of, could this be how it ends? So I went outside to the balcony and stared up at the sky and saw stars do what they do best. It then occurred to me, how far are these stars anyway? Did you know the nearest star is 4.24 light years away from earth? That travelling at a maximum speed of 56,000km/h one would take over 81000 years to get to the nearest star.

Job was going through a rough time and decided to question God and the Lord God decided to answer him. An infinite being tried to explain to the finite simple mind of a man using only 10% – 11% of his brain, to comprehend who He is. In times of trouble our minds should, in an ideal setting, refer to the resume of ‘He that is within us’. Like Job, God asked me the same questions; not all of them and in exactly that order, but some, when my worried mind was scared of the fate of my home.

Yet He is my God and He chose to dwell in this earthly vessel. A God who can walk on water and turn water into wine. A God who calmed the storm and parted the sea. A God who spoke non-existent limbs into being and raised the dead.

A God who created a being that could spit fire that would boil water in the very deep ocean (Leviathan)Job 40. Created the sun that is so powerful that if it moved 1cm closer to earth everything as we know it will be turned to ashes. Great God is He that you cannot describe Him, He called Himself THE GREAT I AM. I am healing. I am the resurrection. I am the light. I am the fire that burns rocks and licks up water. I am love as demonstrated at the cross. I am your comforter. I am you friend. I am your hiding place. I am peace in the middle of the storm. I am your defender. I am your provider. I am the fourth man in the fire. I AM.

After all is said and done, trust God who is in you for He has great plans for you. According to Jeremiah 29, plans for good and not for evil. A God who when you look back over your life, you can see what He has done for you. Even this He will deliver you out of. His word is true and never fails. God bless you and keep your mind on Him who is mighty to save.