All things work together for good

I have always wondered what that statement meant. Especially when I am going through a rough time in my life. One thing I think that should remain constant in our life is the fear of God. God is sovereign. He does not need to consult with you on matters concerning the universe, the world or even you. The questions He asks Job are questions you don’t want repeated especially if they are directed to you. He is God. How big and how great is He. Worthy of our praise. Able to stop mega stones from hitting the earth. Able to stop the sun from moving just one centimeter closer to earth and killing everything, both the just and the unjust. Plus, he does not need your permission to do this. He is God.

There is a story about power that blew my mind. Four men sat on a table. A king, a rich man, a spiritual man and a sellsword. The first three men i.e. the king, the rich man and the spiritual man want the other two dead. Who will live and who will die? Some said the king will live for he has power and the other two shall die. But the rich man can pay the sellsword good money so maybe he will live and the other two die. What about if the sell sword believes more in the afterlife and needs redemption more then he needs money or fame. Then the spiritual man shall live and the other two die. The fact is power lies where man perceives it to be. Or so I thought. A queen was walking with her guards and she was having a conversation with a congress man. The congressman threatened to expose the queen’s indiscretions if she would not allow his way with the king. The queen immediately ordered the guards around him to seize him and cut his throat. The guards seized him and before they cut his throat, she ordered them to stop. She had changed her mind. She gave orders to the guards to move ten steps back and to close their eyes and they did so.

You see power is power. When you have the ability to walk on water and tell the storm be still. This is power.  With one word blind people see. This is power. A power you would do well not to question. Many times in my life I have felt the need to ask God why am I going through what I am going through. Even in the pain we face it’s important to recognize that we are speaking to God. His ways are way above our pay grade. His purpose, even if we were given the capacity to function at 100% of our brain, we could not begin to comprehend it.

The flesh is constantly at war with our spirit. When we get saved your spirit man is then aligned with the purposes of God. Your spirit knows to listen to new instructions from God but our flesh is loud. It wants what it wants and can shout and throw a tantrum like a two-year-old on steroids. Seasons come where our flesh does not understand what is happening and needs to just be still and know that He is God. The current season the world is facing is like a violent storm with crushing winds. Our faith is being tested and so is our fruit. The bible says you shall know them by their fruit. And this is the time our fruit is produced. Love, Joy, Peace, Patience and so forth. Often, I realize after the trial, that it was good I passed through that affliction for character/fruit is produced then. This is vital for the purpose of God on earth to be fulfilled. That is why we pray may YOUR WILL be done on earth as it is in heaven. I believe that this season will bring out the best from those who are called according to His Name. Let Joy fill your hearts knowing that all things work for good for us in His will. Trust HIM with your life and purpose and watch the salvation of the Lord in your life. Our father does not sleep and is the Lord of Hosts. The GREAT I AM.