Pastor Stephen and Hope Waiganjo

Assoicate Pastor - Ruach West

Pastor Stephen Waiganjo is the Associate pastor at Ruach Westlands Assembly.  He is a gifted man of God whose sermons apply biblical teaching to everyday life and challenge us to continually grow toward Christian maturity. A relational pastor who has a passion for sharing the Good News, meeting new people, and engaging them in a personal way.

The Bible refers to fellow Christians as “brothers and sisters” at RUACH West,we embrace the fact that church is a Family and Not an Event. We are a church full of people with every kind of story you can imagine,whose lives are being changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have something for everyone, and each of our programs is organized in such a way that caters for children,teens and adults.As a family church we see ourselves as servants and counselors in an era of family distress. Ours is a family church that offers therapy in prayer and mutual support of pastoral care for all members.


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