Ruach West Assembly. A Family Church Where We Love, Care & Share. The internet doesn’t have all the answers. Jesus is the Way the truth and the life.


Rhema United Assemblies of Christ (RUACH)
RUACH is an acronym that stands for Rhema United Assemblies of Christ. The RUACH assemblies have a God-given mandate of Raising Kingdom Champions. These are the people who are deliberate on pursuing their God-given purposes in their different areas of calling-whether in ministry or in the market place. Such shall include the following areas of influence also known as the mountains of influence: Education, Family, Religion, Business I Economy, Government, Media Arts & Entertainment.
The objectives of The Kingdom Champions: To have continuous interaction with the Kingdom Champion in organized stages that meet the needs of everyone. Measurable growth in the knowledge of Christ, which shall be measured by the increasing level of maturity. Create a beneficial and relevant path for everyone’s journey. Clearly set-out obligations and responsibilities to the church and to the Kingdom Champion.

A Place For You

We’d love to fellowship with you, your family,

and friends this Sunday starting from 10 am.



“People see God every day they just don’t recognize its Him at work.”



“Don’t tell God how big your storm is, tell the storm how big your God is.”



“God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world.”



“Even before the universe was created, God had you in mind, and he planned you for His purposes.”

“Proclaiming the Good News

of God’s Sovereign Grace”

Our message is that Christ saves sinners. In light of

that, we steward a message that radically changes lives.

We will therefore preach, teach and train people to live out its implications.

Donald Gichane

Senior Pastor